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War eagle didn't mean to send aprivate reply


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I didn't mean to sound upset in my post (I am about mice, NOT YOU!)

I meant to post whatever I wrote to everybody on here...sorry if I sent you a private deal...I did not mean to nor was I singling you out for anything you said.

But the glue traps are just TOO CRUEL for me to use..hence professionals for painless or quick demise. !!!

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Hey Sophia! No need for an apology..I didn't receive any personal message anyway! Trust me..I don't like the idea of glue traps either..I just remembered that's how the exterminators dealt with the problem when I was younger. I guess it's the safest method to use around children and other animals...although not so humane for the mice! Hope everything works out for you..and your cats! B)


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War eagle...I just found out the glue traps are the oNLY ACCEPTABLE traps with pets in the house, used by PROFESSIONALS?!?!? but I don't want to deal with those.

You can hear the mice screaming and squeaking and they bite their legs off to escape.

I don't know why they won't use SNAP TRAPS if they are undersink cabinets, fridge and over where cats can't get?

So I dunno...will have them come out to see how bad the infestation is...I would rather try catch and release or worst case, the snap traps.

Gosh, you would think pros would have a more humane way of killing them.....I am most disappointed but GLAD they are not stupid enough to RISK bait in houses with pets.


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