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Doctor For Pots In Pittsburgh, Pa?

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Hi everyone,

I'm so depressed and urgently need your help. My Insurance changed recently ( not in my control...can't do anything about it ) and my awesome Doctor who diagnosed me with POTS and was treating me doesn't take the new Insurance.

I really need to find someone who knows about POTS asap. I can't seem to find anyone....

Can you please suggest someone who treats POTS in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Thanks so much!

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I am interested in the same thing! I live about a hour outside of Pittsburgh, and am trying to find a doctor in my insurence coverage area.

If you dont mind me asking, what insurence do you have? Have you tried UPMC? I am trying to determine if UPMC has any doctors that would be helpful. It might be worth a call.

Sorry I dont know any doctors to suggest, but I will sure let you know if I find one!

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Just found these doctors listed on a dysautonomia website, might be worth a try,

  • Dr. Michael J. Giuliani
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Dept. of Neurology
  • 325 Scaife Hall
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15261
  • Phone: (412) 687-5424
  • Dr. Susan Baser, M.D.
    Allegheny Professional Building
    490 East North Avenue
  • Suite 500
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15212
  • Telephone: 412-359-8860
  • Fax: 412-359-8809
  • Specialty: Neurology, Movement Disorder, Shy-Drager Syndrome
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A few names I have heard in passing over the years.

Dr. Kapoor http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Wishwa_Kapoor.html

Dr. Erek Lam UPMC Passavant

Dr Ganz

I have no experience with any of them except for Dr. Ganz. He is listed on dinet here. He's mostly concerned about just trying different meds and not about testing to find the underlying cause. If you want more info, I'll have to take it to PM"s as we are not allowed to discuss our doctor experiences on here.

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Thanks Dana, for thinking about that! Just a few lines to add that you are allowed to talk about doctors experiences , just not elaborate on negative experiences while naming doctors and/or hospitals. As we want DINET to stay up and running we can't risk any liability issues which is why we had to implement this rule. But like you mentioned, there's always the possibility to exchange info via pm!

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