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Sinus'--may need polyp removed


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Hi everyone,

My daughter Chrissy still has her sinus infection from over a month ago. Her pediatrician (she's 19, but he knows her history so well we still go to him) ordered a CAT scan of her sinus' and lo and behold, he said it's the biggest polyp he's ever seen. Do POTS people ever do anything half***! Anyway, tomorrow we see the ENT Dr. for the good news (Ped Dr. thinks surgery). Just wondered if anyone has had this surgery before and how bad it is for POTS patients. We've spoken to a couple of people who've had it and they said that the surgery wasn't fun, but it really has helped with their sinus infections and pain. Maybe this is what is causing her eyes to burn? and the pressure around her eyes? Chrissy is also having her wisdom teeth out right when she's done with school in May--gee-- maybe we could have them both done in one day!?--just kidding. Any info would be appreciated. Patti

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I've had the surgery 2 years ago, although mine was more a bit more involved, including the removal of some bone to keep the drainage space large even if I have swelling or infection.

I was tired and had a headache for a fewdays--and I was sore in my cheeks for a few weeks. Kind of felt like a bruise.

Mine was computer assisted, and was done as an outpatient procedure at a major hospital. I had an arterial line in case my bp dropped.


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