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Hey everyone, I'm trying not to turn in to a hypochondriac, but since I have been noticing my HR more often these days, I noticed that when I am drinking water, my HR will increase about 15 bpm while I am doing it. I read that swallowing will increase the HR, but could never find out how much. I don't know if this would make a difference, but I drink through a straw. I will feel my pulse, then start drinking through the straw. Once I start drinking, my HR will increase pretty instantly to around 15 bpm faster than when not drinking, and will remain that way for a few seconds after I stop drinking. Is this normal, or is my response overly exaggerated?

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I don't know about the specific value of change in HR, but it doesn't surprise me. Like you said, swallowing increases HR. Drinking through a straw you're tensing a lot of the muscles in your neck and upper chest to create suction, and I could easily see that increasing HR for a short period. Our bodies also have small HR changes with breathing - your HR goes up when you inhale, down when you exhale (respiratory sinus arrhythmia - the name sounds terrible but that's how the body normally works). Does it happen without a straw if you are able to drink without one?

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