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How Do You Store Your Florinef?

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I've recently refilled my florinef prescription and used a new pharmacy.

For the first time (this is refill # 12 for me) the pharmacist told me I should keep the pills in the fridge. That took me by surprise as my old pharmacist never brought that up. I've even checked the data sheet I was handed with my first prescription, and there is no mentioning of that anywhere.

Ever since I was prescribed florinef, I kept the bottle (along with the rest of my pills) on my nightstand, so at room temperature. Does anyone know if there are any consequences (side effects, loss of effectiveness, etc) to that?



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Thanks for the feedback.

I wonder if keeping it refrigerated might have changed the fact that I had some bad reactions to it?!

I am currently weaning myself off florinef, so I'll be able to tell - soon hopefully - if I benefited from it at all

Oh well...


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Mine are kept in the refrigerator as well. I found the following info on a website for Addison's. It's a statement from Bristol-Myers and was posted in 2008. That must mean that some of us are taking the original formulation. I wonder if there would be a different effect from the different formulations??

Fludrocortisone Acetate


  • It is extremely important that you understand how to identify and store your Florinef tablets correctly. Failure to do so may result in your Florinef tablets not working correctly.

    Florinef tablets contain fludrocortisone acetate which is a member of the group of medicines known as steroids. The tablets contain 0.1mg fludrocortisone acetate.

    Florinef is used to replace hormones normally produced by glands attached to your kidneys.
    These hormones are missing if you suffer from Addison's disease. Florinef tablets are also used to treat salt losing adrenogenital syndrome, which is a different form of hormone imbalance.

    < >Why have my tablets and their storage changed? There are minor changes in the formulation of Florinef due to a change in the manufacturing site of Florinef. There is no change to the effectiveness of the Florinef tablets though.< >How do I identify my Florinef tablets?
    • The colour of Florinef tablets has changed from pink to WHITE. The tablets are round in shape. They are scored on one side and have the markings 'SQUIBB' and '429' on the other side.< >What are the changes in formulation of Florinef?
      • Erythrosine (E127) and industrial methylated spirits are no longer present in the tablet.

        Dibasic calcium phosphate and lactose anhydrous and monohydrate are not new excipients but are specified as per the guidelines.

        < >How do I store my Florinef tablets?
        • Florinef tablets should be stored in a refridgerator between 2 and 8 degrees celcius.

          They should not be frozen or kept at room temperature or high temperatures on the shelf.

          The container should be tightly closed and protected from moisture.

          Keep the bottle out of reach and sight of children.

          < >How should I store my tablets when I am travelling or on holiday?
          • Florinef tablets should be kept in a refridgerator at all times. They can be kept in cooler bags in periods where a fridge is temporarily unavailable but should be returned to a refridgerator as soon as possible.< >What happens if I store my Florinef tablets out of the fridge?
            • If left out of the fridge, Florinef tablets should not be used. You need to contact your doctor or pharmacists for further advice in this situation.< >What happens if I take Florinef that has been stored out of the fridge by mistake? < >You need to contact your doctor or pharmacists immediately for advice and assistance.


              If you have any concerns about your medication, please consult your doctor or pharmacist. You may also contact Bristol-Myers Squibb Medical Information on 0800 731 1736 OR medical.information@bms.com

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It says "may require refrigeration" on mine. I get them monthly. Until yesterday I kept them on the night table.

They work fine but after reading all of the above I moved them to the fridge, just in case.

Mine are made by TEVA, I get them at Target Pharmacy.

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