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What Labs Have You Had That Came Back Abnormal?


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low D (normal now)

low Fe (normal now)

occasionally low K (normal now)

low (according to my dr, but normal according to standards) 24 h urine Na

positive ANA (but negative ENA)

one TTT positive for POTS (off meds) followed by a negative one 6 months later (on meds)

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C-Reactive Protein elevated (i.e. inflammation detected)

+ for protozoa

vitamin B levels are skyrocket (doc said stop taking my vitamin b since they are connecting very high levels with cancer)

magnesium very low

siezure like activity noted on eeg in left temperal lobe and dva same place noted on mri

sugar levels are sometimes a little high although sometimes normal

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Low iron (off and on throughout my life)

Low potassium (when I first got sick, normal now)

Low sodium (low end of normal now)

High C02 levels (when I first got sick)

positive TTT (off meds)

high standing NE levels

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Id better not post mine because they are peculiar and my doc might see them...

But over the years Ive noticed the following being commonly mentioned:

Abnormal ANA (speckled in nature)

Low Potassium

Migraine activity on scanny thing

abnormal liver function tests

POTS related:

Abnormal QSART (neuropathic?)

Low absolute blood volume

Abnormal norepinephrine reuptake in the cardiac muscle (NET deficiency? Neuropathic?)

Low aldosterone and elevated serum angiotensin II in a subset

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This is so interesting to me!

Most of my labs are normal.

Two years ago when the bottom fell out I had critically low potassium levels, which have almost identical symptoms to POTS. I ended up in the hospital and they got my potassium levels up to normal. Continued to have basically the same symptoms for quite some time. My doc thought I had POTS then but a cardiologist said no and didn't see a need for a TTT. I did eventually get better, like a light switch it was all gone.

Fast forward two years and after the flu in December all the same exact symptoms have come back but potassium was completely normal but my TSH levels are a bit low. I have suffered with thyroid issues for about 14 years. They, however, are not low enough to cause all the symptoms I am having. Now Doc and me are convinced it's POTS. Still haven't had the TTT just because I can't stand the thoughts of going off my bb because it helps so much. I am about to get up enough nerve to do it though. I think for my own peace of mind I just need to have it confirmed, even though all signs point to that.

Aside from some others having low potassium as well, the MOST interesting thing to me is that some of you have had abnormal Liver enzymes. I have had this happen to me twice. Once about 8 or 9 years ago. I was VERY sick for days and days and finally had to go to the doctor. When I got there my temp. was 106.1! Needless to say, that had the doctors office hopping and I was almost delirious. Anyway, during that time they couldn't find anything wrong with me except crazy high liver enzymes. They chocked it up to a virus attacking my liver. It took me a very long time to recover from that . Fast forward again and last year I had another crazy flu-like illness without the cough/congestion. I have honestly NEVER hurt so badly in my life. Again.....CRAZY high liver enzymes, but in no time at all they came right back down. Thus far my GP or my endo can't tell me why this has happened.

Those of you that have had high liver enzymes, do you know why? Can that be related to POTS at all?

Oh I did also a couple of years ago during the big onset of POTS symptoms have very low D, also.

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Low Vit D (with no improvement despite taking 5-10,000 IU a day for a year and a half, and no sunscreen all last summer (just got a lot more freckles ;))

2points from being low on Vit B

High C reactive protein (it is always high, doctors don't know why, so they have just stated it must be my "normal"

Through out the years my platelets and hemoglobin and white blood cells have jumped between being a couple points too low or too high (never had tx due to it)

Last 3 years all my CBC have low creatine and bun but the doctor hasn't even mentioned it too me, I just noticed it when I was going through my labs

Found two nodules on my thyroid that have gotten slightly larger the last couple years, but no treatment as my levels are always WNL although they do jump from the low to the high side.

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low vitamin D

low B12

low homocysteine

low potassium (not on florinef)

high reverse T3

Abnormal TTTs (even while on saline IV, florinef and DDAVP)

high NE upright

positive ANA (1:320) speckled

high CH50 complement

high anti-histone abs

inflammation markers are low

I used to have low cortisol and high ACTH, but that is all healed now. Thank you Lord!

I'm sure there is LOTS more. This is just what I could remember off the top of my head! :)

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High EBV (chronic active), HHV-6, Parvovirus B19, M. Pneumoniae

High upright NE

On and off low glucose

Blood in urine (sometimes a lot, sometimes a trace, but always there)

Low Vit. D

Low Natural Killer cell count (CD57)

Abnormal Skin Biopsy (positive for SFN)

Abnormal Brain Spect Scan showing hypoperfusion in several areas

Positive Tilt Test

Lots of tachycardia recorded on Holter Monitor

Abnormal sleep study showing reduced deep sleep

Multilple thyroid nodules seen on ultrasound

Borderline abnormal ENG (inner ear test)

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Had a positive TTT in 2009 although dx dr. responded with "you probably have POTS". I've never been tested (as far as I know for anything other than what is found on a normal "physical" blood panel) and those have all come back relatively fine. I've had blood in my urine for four years and anticipate this happening again when I go in for my physical in a few months. Is this normal? Some say it's fine, some say it's definately not fine. Whose to know??? We put our trust in all these dr.s that just go by what the book says when in actuality, all of us are different. Such a quandry...

I do have a question however and I hope I can phrase it so that it can be understood.

While I was in the hospital for my one and only stay back in 2009, I noticed my potassium was something like 3.2. I think it was on the low side of the scale. Here is my question, or somewhat of a question I guess: Since everyone is different, I find it so hard to relate to the "in the box patient". Maybe my potassium was on the lower end, and would seem ok to dr.s, maybe it is not ok with me. Maybe I function differently with a higher level? That's what my problem/question is...everyone is so different. What might seem normal to some, might be totally different for another. For instance, my mother (God rest her soul) always had low blood pressure, but seemed to function fine. My son has lower than usual temps (normal 98.6, son's a bit lower) does that mean that something is not right, since we don't fit the exact "in the box profile" of a normal person? I just don't know anymore... Sorry I couldn't be of more help...

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ANA positive 1:80 homogenous, free t4 a tiny bit low, vitamin d low, histone ab high, dna(ds)ab high, multiple signal abnormalities, periventricular in nature, predominantly on the right side. there are atleast 6 lesions, CBC: mpv - low, segs- low, eos- low, phosphatid IGG high

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