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Misery knows no bounds.
My suffering follows me every where i go.
Like a quiet demon upon my shoulder--taunting, taking, festering.
Waiting at any moment to overcome me.
The fear within me is endless.

Want to run but there is not breath.
Want to live but there is no blood.
Just enough but never enough.

Walking the line to fall at any moment unexpectedly.
Nothing is concrete and the world moves around me.
Sometimes slow sometimes fast.
Sometimes crooked sometimes straight.
Just enough to remind me of the reality i so dearly miss.
Hardly alive clinging to this wretched existence.

Trying to stay calm but can not.
Trying to breathe but there is no air.
And the drum keeps pounding
Harder, faster, harder, faster until i have no choice but to succumb.

Surrounded by a sea of chaos with no beacon to guide me.
My ship is empty and i am a lone sailor in the dark night.
A warm feeling all around me draws me near yet far away at the same time.

The only choice i have is acceptance for my fate.
And that is my only sanctuary of control.
Into this deep abyss i can not help but fall deeper and deeper.

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