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Iv Saline


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I use IV saline on average once a month. I use it either as a "bail out" when I'm in a bad crash or as a preventive measure such as before travel or before a stressful event. (ie: Christmas eve).

I have a script from my POtS doc for ultras of saline within 2-3 hours up to 3x a week. (The most I have needed is 2x.)

It is one of the few things that almost always gives me 24 hrs of significant improvement. It is a tough treatment to depend on bc I'm a tough stick most times. And although I hate needles it is one of the most critical treatments for me. In a bad crash it is the only thing I've found that even comes close to helping. In that state it is as if my digestive system shuts down and nothing gets into my bloodstream orally.

I've been blessed to have a primary doctor who does also does clinical research. The first floor of the building is the research lab and the second floor is his practice. So when I'm crashing I can call Kim, one of his research nurses to get an IV. Usually I can get in the same day. When I am out of town I usually end up going to the hospital.

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I get saline twice a week and I get 2 liters. It takes 3 hours each day. The first time I got it, I only got 1 liter and I felt absolutely amazing. The next few times it wasn't as good but I still got benefits from it. After 3 times with 1 liter, I went up to 2 and that seemed to help much more. I don't get palpations as much, not as much dizziness and I always have more energy after. While you are getting it, if you do the 3 hours, you get very tired but afterwards you feel a lot better. I really enjoy getting it plus there are 2 other girls who are there around my age with pots, so that helps.

Hope this is helpful :)

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