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Help! Is This Pots?


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I am a 15 year old boy who has been dealing with chronically cold hands and feet, debilitating fatigue, and increase of symptoms after eating.

In effort to test my self for POTS, I took my pulse lying down, then 10 minutes after standing.

Lying down: 78 bpm

After 10 minutes of standing up: 79 bpm

Although my pulse did not increase, my hands and feet became a dark shade of blue, and were very cold. My lower legs became incredibly itchy. However, I did not experience an increase in fatigue while standing up.

I have been tested for autoimmune disorders, thyroid problems, infectious diseases, diabetes/hypoglycemia, and many other diseases/conditions. I have been misdiagnosed multiple times in the past.

I am 100% percent sure that my symptoms are circulatory related. It seems that something is preventing enough blood to reach my brain and lower extremities, causing these symptoms.

What do you guys think??? What disorders would cause my hands and feet to become dark blue and itchy like that? Maybe something related to my heart?


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Hi ipad, welcome to the forum. At first glance this doesn't seem POTS to me, however the cold hand and feet may indicate Raynaud's syndrome. Have you discussed this with your parents as a possibility? I hope you will find the answer to your problems soon!

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POTS = 30+ bpm increase in HR when going from lying down to standing.

In my non-professional opinion, your vitals don't strike me as POTS.

Raynaud's sounds similar to what you're describing, like Corina mentioned.

Not sure what else to suggest here, sorry :(

Good luck figuring things out.


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Hey Ipad, I experience reynauds syndrome and my feet and hands can turn blueish purple. They also get very cold. You might want to have someone check your blood pressure after ten minutes, maybe there's some Orthostatic hypotension coming into play. For POTS you need to have a heart rate increase of 30+ upon standing so you should be checking your pulse right after you stand.

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I watched some videos of Raynaud's Syndrome, and it doesn't look what what I am experiencing.

This is what my hands look like when I stand for more than 5 minutes


This is what my legs look like


I know you guys aren't doctors, but if anyone if familiar with any heart or circulatory conditions that could cause this, please let me know!!! Would it be smart to see a cardiologist about this?


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It wouldn't be a bad idea to rule out some form of orthostatic intolerance ...don't forget POTS is not the only kind. If you see a specialist, whether that's a cardiologist or a neurologist for this, it would be worth seeking out one that specializes in oi. or dysautonomia as not all cardios or neurops are familiar with these syndromes.

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