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Bad Relapse, need to vent!


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Hi all!

I live in Maryland and have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, I highly suspect I have pots type illness too, as my blood pressure and pulse skyrocket (well for me) to like 130/110 with pulse 90 to 120, when I first wake up. It usually falls after that morning "rush". I just had a cardio workup and she does not feel I need a ttt test. My first Neurologist wanted to do one as well as sweat test, but that did not work out for various reasons. Futurehope if you are still out there, I need to tell you something. THe second neuro did the blood pressure test in his office and of course was quite normal there. I am currently only on xanax xr 4mg a day for my Generalized anxiety disorder and I used to have panic attacks out of the blue and always felt like the panic came from somewhere, like pots land, just out of the blue for no reason sometimes. Anyway last Saturday I was very tired and tried to nap, but woke up feeling bad. Usually if I get enough sleep I can function pretty normally for me. Anyway I have been trembling, shaking, and so weak, heart racing since then. I made a dr. appt for myself MOnday and in the rush to get there felt like my pulse was so high I could barely get in the building. I have had a low grade fever, and now feel also like i have sinus infection. I do like my primary care doc, she is new, but bless her heart keeps trying. She ordered some blood work (which has always been normal) and is going to refer me to a GI person because of frequent diarreha, and several bouts of stomach virus's this year. Anyway this is the worse I have ever felt I can manage to do basic light housework, but had to increase to 5mg of xanax which seems like so much!! Does anyone else take this much. She also prescribed lopressor which I am hesitant to take because I took Atenolol once and I couldn't sleep and I have copd and asthma and it makes me wheeze. Well I called for my test results, Thursday, she is on vacation, (it's a group) and no one has called back. I called again today and still nothing!! The appointment lady suggested I just come in Saturday. Anyway I didn't mean to ramble on like this. Last Sunday night I cried for an hour, everytime I get sick it seems to last forever, but this has really laid me low. The appointment lady said there were bad viruses going around that are lasting forever. I guess it will always seem worse for me. I just haven't felt this bad since after major surgery. Hopefully tomorrow the doc there will at least give me an antibiotic. Biaxin always makes me feel better. Another reason the pc doc is referring me for gi work, she said antiobiotics can help ulcerative colitis and maybe that is why I feel so much better. Funny thing, I had sinus surgery last year and still getting the pain that does not go away without antibiotics. The last time I went to the ENT guy with the pain,, he ordered a ct scan said I had no infection, basically through up his hands, then I was sent to an infectious disease doctor who ran more tests and everything is NORMAL!!!!!! I can't believe this. OH well. Thank god my unemployed son made dinner two nights in a row.He has a good heart but usually nitpicks and fights with me all day.. Ok that's it. I feel better. Thank you anyone for listening. Hope everyone has good weekend.

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Guest tearose

Hope you can hang in there as you figure it all out.

I am sorry that you have so much to deal with...as you know you are among similar folk here and we do understand!!!

Just wanted to say a quick hello, I'm about to crash for the night myself...

Besides the fact that sometimes our tests will show normal and then be totally different other times, I wanted to share something I recently learned about antibiotics that you may find interesting. I too get sinus infections and when I am on biaxin or an antibiotic for something else, I feel better over my whole body! My ENT just explained that many antibiotics are also act as anti-inflammatory agents!! So we may be feeling better not because we are responding to the bacterial fighting agents (so to speak) but rather because they are calming our inflammation.

I know the next question, I asked it too...so what is inflamed? My guess is our entire nervous system.

know you are not alone in this puzzle, have a good evening, tearose

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Thank you tearose,

I just remembered my ENT told me the same thing about Biaxin being anti-inflamatory, and prescribed an Nsaid, which I do not want to take now because of the bad side effects, etc. I had just been put on Vioxx and three days later it was all over the news! And now they're saying advil may be bad too. Well hopefullly this doc will prescribe the Biaxin. I once saw on a chronic fatigue board where a Doctor recommended six straight months of an antibiotic.

Good night.

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