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Free Cfs Book Jan 19 And Jan 20 Only

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I realize this is a dysautonomia forum, but there are other people here with CFS and many people here who will find this free book on CFS interesting!

Jan. 19th & 20th click on link below and get a free CFS book. Available free for two days only. You don't need a kindle. You can download directly to your computer. I just did it and it works. Directions below.


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Hope people have had a chance to peruse this book, and to see the information on dysautonomia! Very common to people with CFS as more that 50% of POTs onset is due to a viral onset.

How does this information help you? Unless you have a significant viral onset, probably not a lot, but because the viral aspect in a pots is so huge, you may want to have viral titers to EBV, CMV, and HHV6 measured.

If you're carrying a 'huge' viral load, it's very possible you can take an anti-viral and lower your viral load. This depends on your CBC and further immune investigation. If your CBC looks good, and you're in the hands of a good immunologist or virologist you may be able to address this.

If you have hyper-pots you probably already know that this form of pots is for life. On the optimistic side, 'regular' pots patients have a good chance of recovery. (Particularly young pots patients.)

Good luck to all coping with this and thank you for sharing your experiences!

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Kitt- Have been reading this book and having a lot of "Ah HA!" moments, even though I don't have an ME/CFS diagnosis. It's a great source of info. I'm seeing an ME/CFS specialist next week whose area of specialty is immunology/virology so really hoping he'll have some good ideas for me.

When I first got sick over 3 years ago, I had really high EBV and CMV titers but no one has ever followed up or done anything or suggested any further info about it. I've been telling docs about it ever since and have gotten no response so decided to pursue seeing a specialist on my own.

Thanks again for posting this link.

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I read a lot of this over the weekend. It was a really good summary of all the research, all the different theories etc. on CFS/ME - and in easy to understand language. Not as impressed with all the "alternative" treatments listed, but I guess the author was just trying to cover all bases. Thanks again, Kitt!

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Am glad so many people were able to download it in the time allowed.

It's a good book with some basic information.

I have to say though CFS is far more complex than the book implies. I say this having seen several of the doctors mentioned in the book, but more so because of having been very sick with this for decades. Not 'pots' sick but CFS with hyper-pots sick.

CFS is known as a 'spectrum disease' much like MS is. Meaning some people may have a diagnosis of CFS but still be functional. Others of us are in the very low end of the spectrum, and have been 'tested' by leading world experts and by looking at reams of immune data and testing they can see our immune status and state 'you're in the lowest 10-20% subset' of CFS patients.

Current state of the art research is quite a bit ahead of this particular book, but the book is a good primer though is not 'up to date'.

Unlike disautonomia, CFS is being very actively investigated by researchers worldwide. Among other pathogens they are still searching for a possible/probable retrovirus. A retrovirus is extremely rare. There are only a few in the world. HIV being the one that is most well known.

A retrovirus is extremely difficult to 'track' because of the way they mutate. Some of you may know that THE cause of CFS was recently discovered...A retrovirus known as XMRV was 'conclusively' determined to be the cause of CFS.

It made the news in a big way. Dr Oz even did a segment on his show with a CFS patient, saying this is caused by XMRV. It was reported in every major newspaper and magazine.

'It' hit the fan when the research results were not able to be replicated by researchers around the world and researchers are now focusing on other pathogens.

The CDC, (The Center for Disease Control) issued a primer about CFS many, many years ago and it in part reads, and I quote:

all CFS patients are limited in what they can do to some degree. CDC studies show that CFS can be as disabling as multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, end-stage renal disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and similar chronic conditions.

Here's the page issued by the CDC. http://www.cdc.gov/cfs/symptoms/index.html
For those of you who are really interested in this disease and have good cognitive function, Please refer to a book called Osler's Web, by Hillary Johnson. This book is fascinating and reveals the massive cover-ups by the CDC and the NIH regarding CDC.
CFS is finally being regarded by doctors in a respectful way. For decades we were dismissed by every major medical hospital and doctor but for a few..(Mostly the ones mentioned in the book you downloaded.)
Ironically, most of the doctors who are making the most headway into CFS are not mentioned in the downloaded book. These are doctor who see patients and who are actively researching with MAJOR funding from the NIH and other sources.
The immunologist I see, who is world renowned for CFS research went on record in Newsweek magazine as saying..."If I had to had HIV or CFS, I'd rather have HIV. My HIV patients are hale and hearty and she goes on to talk about the very poor quality of life experienced by CFS patients.
Didn't mean to go on and on, but this disease is very complex. As I said the book you downloaded is a primer so to speak, but in no way speaks to what is currently happening in 2012.
As a post note, I must say, Please don't think because you are chronically fatigued you may have CFS. As I say this is a neuro-immune disease and very complicated.
Think it's a reflection on the exceptional intelligence factor of DINET members for showing an interest in the body and how it works that they're willing to read about other illnesses and co-factors that also involve disautonomia. You're ahead of most medical doctors!
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Thanks Kitt ---I really enjoyed reading the book and also your post about CFS. There are so many issues that seem relative to POTS. Some believe that if a "cure" is found for CFS then it won't be long before there is one for POTS. There is much more research going on for CFS and hopefully, there will be more answers very soon. Thanks again for the info. As you know my sis has CFS and OI. So, it affects members of my family. Funny, I have most of the markers for CFS - but, in comparing myself to my sis ---I don't consider myself as debilitated as she is with it. So, there are varying levels of dysfunction with it ---as you said.


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