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Dinet Bracelets


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I know you are sold out of the metal bracelets, I was hoping you guys would sell the rubber ones live the LIVESTRONG bracelet that Lance Armstrong and Nike sell for cancer research. They seem to be in style these days.

I would buy a whole bunch of them and give them to my family members.

You can get them made here.

Anyway I have been feeling well, I am considering a job with the Transportation Security Administration in which I would be standing for three hours on end. I have never had problems with fainting so I hope things go well.

I was put on Zocor recently, while my cholesterol is normal, my triglycerides are out of control, does anyone else have the problem? I doubt it is POTS related but you never know.

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Guest tearose

Hi Timbo!

Long time no see! Glad to hear you are busy and not in the hole!

I think emily (aka dancing light) is cooking up some fundraising ideas with Michelle and a committee is forming to deal with growing interest in fundraising and conference ideas.

I hope to work on the committee...maybe you would too?

Anyway, I'm sure emily will read your post and reply.

regards, tearose

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I'd be happy to help on the fundraising committee if extra people are needed. I especially like the idea of creating and selling blankets (afghans, or quilts, etc.) whatever we have the talent for. I'm also game for helping out with any other fundraising ideas. I like the idea of the rubber bracelets as well, simply for comfort's sake. Maybe we went with the metal due to cost or something?

Anyway, just wanted to let Michelle, Em and the rest of the fundraising folks know that I'd be glad to help out in any way I can. :P

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Your last comment cracked me up about having a button keychain that beeps so you can find your keys....that left me very puzzled. :P If you have the button key chain in your hand and you're pressing the button, wouldn't your keys already be attached to the keychain (one would hope!) :P

Did you mean a button key chain to find your car, maybe? :D

:) Gena

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Ok, you made me laugh, god I'm tired and need to go to bed.

I was listing off things we could fundraise.



Key Chain

But when I'm POTS brain dead could use a button and beeping key chain to help :) I know I posted it somewhere else but I have to say it again. I was at the store with my son this past weekend and we got out of the car. I was reaching/searching the car over for my purse and I finally turned to him and said were going to have to go back home because I forgot my purse. He laughed at me and said, mom it's on your shoulder. Does that give you any idea how bad I need a beeper on my keys :P

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Okay, I got it now. :P That's funny about your purse. I'm getting more and more like that! I especially do silly things like that when I'm under stress or just plain tired. Go get some rest...I'm off to work.


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I appreciate all the fundraising ideas.

Just an FYI, we did investigate getting the rubber type of bands made. The problem is that many of our members have allergies to latex, which is in the bands--that is why we went to the metal bracelets. Also, the rubber bracelets would only have enough printing space to put a much shorter phrase, such as "dysautonomia" or "dinet.org".

There is a great deal of expense in the front end for any purchasable items--bracelets, t-shirts; there are minimum purchase quantities that cost money. Also, supplies are needed too--such as envelopes, an electronic postage scale so we have the correct postage on each order, paper to print mailing lables and invoices, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc. For the bracelet project, we also had to print out the info cards before putting the bracelets up for sale.

As I've said before, Michelle is the person to contact about your ideas and your availability to donate your very precious time and energies. I'm not in a position to volunteer to manage another major project, like the bracelets. Perhaps during the summer when I'm off from work, but while i'm in the pots-hole, it seems very hard for me to imagine being able to expend that type of energy. That's the big thing that Michelle needs in order to do another project--like me, she's not in a position to run a major project out of her home.

I'm not saying this to put the kybosh on your ideas--I just feel the need to inject the reality of putting together a successful fundraiser. It requires human energy that Michelle and I cannot pull off without dedicated, long-term, reliable volunteers.If you have the physical strength and the ability to commit mentally and physically (I know, that's the tough one for me) to handle a project for several months at a time, please let us hear from you (send us private messages, or send email using the contact email which is "staff" then @dinet.org


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i am following this post...yes, i am reading your ideas!

please, please, if you have energy to help with stuff...and are committed to this...email michelle as nina suggested.

i am very, very low-functioning...so i could use a little help to carry out the projects!

i have already emailed michelled a long email about ideas, and am waiting to hear back from her and get some more information on my own about costs of certain projects before posting more.

gena, i am so glad to see you back! we missed you...but i sure hope you were ready to come back and gave yourself the time that you need.

t-shirts seem to be in big-time demand...so i will do some preliminary research.

i don't feel comfortable taking on the afghan project, but if a group of you want to...GO FOR IT!


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Hi guys!

I'd be happy for more people to join us with fundraising. As Nina said, it does take time, energy and commitment. If you interested please do let me know by dropping an email to staff@dinet.org

Emily, I have read over your ideas and think they are great. I'll be in touch with you soon to discuss them further.

Thanks for sharing your interest!


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Just goes to show you can't please everyone...

I was wondering why you went with the metal bracelets also...

They look cool, but despite the fact I have polished the edges with a fingernail file and coated them with nail polish, they still caused me and my two girls to break out. We are not allergic to latex.

One of the girls flattened, (is this a word?) her bracelet out to make a book mark.


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it is hard to please everyone!

but, nina really went out of her way to survey everyone...she asked about color, style, saying, etc. and WE voted for the bracelets that were ordered. i didn't vote for metal...but i love them. and, that was what the majority voted for. nina didn't pick it out without consensus from the board members.

i guess each fundraiser will work differently for different people.

we will keep you all posted as things come up on new items...


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