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Who Makes The Best Alpha-Lipoic Acid?

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When started takeing Alpha-lipoic acid i got good benefits from it, im takeing 600MG from Vitamin shoppe. now i started to read a little more about this on pubmed and i can see that there is something to ALA. Now i want the best i can find, i see that some ALA is more Biofriendly and works the best.

dose someone out there know what the best is ? and were to buy it


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well right when i started takeing it, my standing heart rate came down and the back of the head and neckpain, headaches gone.i was haveing headaches all the time, now i dont get them .

each thnig i do to help wqith my pots seems to help some, one thing that realy is helping a lot is a no longer eat gluten.

100% zero gluten if you eat gluten you need to stop.

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