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Just Got Back From My Hearing!

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It went really well. I was in there only 15 mins. The judge and VE didn't ask me any questions. As soon as my lawyer was done questioning me, he said he had enough evidence. My lawyer said when that happens it's always an approval. Still trying really hard not to get my hopes up though. I am just going to try Boynton obsess about it and wait for the decision in case it is a denial. So happy it's finally over though! It's been a long process.

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Yahoooo! I'm so happy for you Dani. I hope it is an approval. Sure sounds that way, and that you have your checks soon.

When it's official, we should go have an arizona celebration get together. With our fellow azer's. One of these years we are actually going to manage to get together.

Such good news!!! :D

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I'm in chandler south of the chandler airport and the supertarget. There are enough of us on here from az now we should start a local support group, like Jana has down in tucson.

You probably don't know this yet, but I'm the new Board Secretary for Dinet. Rachel asked me if I would consider the position and take over some of the e-mail and administrative stuff, so she can focus on Dinet's other needs. I was so touched and honored that they asked me.

I'm so excited about the direction Dinet is going in.

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