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Amazing Mast-Cell Doc/researcher Near Charlotte


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I was at Cleveland Clinic about two months ago, and was diagnosed with partial dysautonomia. I also have sleep apnea and adrenal problems. When I became interested in Mast Cell Disorders because a friend of mine's wife had it, and I went to see Dr. Lichtenberger. He did a biopsy and tryptase test, and did not find any immediate evidence of MC, however he did diagnose me of another significant issue that I've followed up on.

This guy is pretty amazing---he was doing mast cell research in DC at the NIH before the funding was cut. He's not quite an hour north of charlotte, and if you need to see him, believe me he will do everything in his power to help you. Ive been to both mayo and cleveland clinic, and he thinks outside the box better than all the hyper-specialists I saw. He can think outside the box.

The med he eventually prescribed for my problem is helping. He has even been responsive on email, patiently answering various questions, and recommended other further tests.

He is currently practicing as a mast-cell diagnostician and in allergy. Highly recommended, and he will talk to you like youre a human being and not a lab rat.

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I honestly dont know much about mast cells. My symptoms presented very similar to a friend of mines wife, who has it. It was only a couple hour drive, so I went to see him, time well spent.

I have sweating problems, also called anhidrosis. This is common in pots. It can be severe or more moderate, and it varies in various places in the body.

I did the Qsert at cleveland clinic and was described as diminished from the waist down. They didnt act like it was a big deal, although ive since learned it is more serious, especially as it matters if you dont sweat at all, dont sweat at high temp, or dont sweat under exertion.

Dr. Lichtenberger performed a mast cell bone marrow extraction. Amazingly i didnt feel a thing. He numbed the area first.

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