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Diuretic Helpful In Autism And Aspergers --Interesting To Help Epilepsy And Issues Where Gaba Has Not Helped


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We recently have been having a discussion on another thread about kidney disease and diastolic dysfunction and the treatment is diuretics. I have issues with both of these things and most of the POTS treatments have not been beneficial for me if I increased salt and/or retain more salt. I found this article interesting ---I don't have autism or aspergers (but, I know some of you have children that do) - but, I can't take anything that works on the GABA receptors because it will paradox (act the opposite of desired reaction) on me. Interesting that this happens in those with issues with increased intracellular chloride concentrations. My sodium levels are always high. This can also cause epilepsy in some. I don't think I can take this particular diuretic - because it is in the sulfa family. But, just found this article interesting.


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What I can find on GcMAF is it modifies the immune system. Looks like it has to have enough Vit D on board for it to work and is a Vit D binding protein. It appears to be an injection given once a week. Interesting that it is being used in cancer, lymes disease, autism and many other things. Appears that it can be ordered on-line. If you type in GcMAF lots of things pop up on it.

I guess some don't process chloride - salt correctly and there is a build up --instead of too little. At least that's how I'm understanding it. So, that could account for why my serum sodiam levels are so high. Diuretics help eliminate sodium and too much water gain from holding on to salt. It is used a lot in Chronic Kidney Disease and Congestive Heart Failure. It is also used when there is low renin and aldosterone levels ---which some of us have. My first kidney doc, at Mayo, said he was afraid to use them with POTS though, because at the time it was thought that we needed to supplement with salt. Of course, my neuro doc ---told me not to. He thought it would take my blood pressure even higher. I don't know if docs are starting to look into this with POTS or not. I haven't read any studies showing the use of diuretics. But, in some of the things that are occuring with me ---this is probably the next thing docs will want to try. Not sure how that will go -- IF -- there is low fluid volume.

I just thought this was interesting ---because if this is the case with some of us ----then salt loading would make things worse.

I just posted another article similiar to this one and it has a connection with this in regards to B-1.


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