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Do I Have Pots?


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When first diagnosed with POTS, I tested positive in the TTT; my heartrate increased rapidly and my Bp dropped. My last TTT showed delayed POTS. What's stranger to me though is that I was still symptomatic durin the "normal" times of the test-sweating, dizzy, nausea, etc. at one point my Bp dropped to 41/35 however my heart rate didn't increase, it stayed around 70...does this make sense?? I don't believe I even passed out, but my Bp did go that low...Do I still have POTS even though I'm symptomatic and my hr increases are delayed..?

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Sounds like it, if they called it "delayed POTS". Certainly sounds like you still have significant dysautnomia issues. Were you on your meds for this latest TTT?

I know my POTS doc was just telling me last week that "people change over the years" with their symptom complex. We all know how variable our symptoms are from day to day, so it seems to me like you still have POTS, just with a slightly different presentation this time around on the TTT.

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Sure sounds like there are automatic nervous system adjustment problems going on, whether or not its tachyardia........from an amateur viewpoint.

Have you learned to control it at all with diet, supplements, salt, meds, lifestyle?

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