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Muscle Pain


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Is muscle pain a common symptom in POTS? I have had neck pain since this started a year ago, but now my shoulders/neck/upper back have been aching for weeks. I have tried doing all of the exercises and stretches recommended by a physical therapist, to no avail. I was up all night, aching. I am starting to panic that I am developing fibromyalgia or something else. I see on the Dinet site, that some patients report this kind of pain, but it isn't in the symptoms listed by the doctors.

Anyone else have this and it is an indication of something else going on? At this point, I am too embarrassed to go to my doctor with another symptom. She will really think I am a kook, and I am starting to think I am one too.



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Hi Abby,

Sorry you're dealing with yet another problem.

I get that kind pain every now and then, and from what I read it's known as "coathanger pain".

My dr wasn't too eager to admit that it is a common POTS symptom, but he didn't dismiss it either.

Warm baths and a hot blanket help me alleviate the pain to some extent.



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I could cry from relief. Thanks so much, the two of you, for replying. I think that I am living in a world of "what's going to hit me next?".Now, I can hope that this is just part of the same thing...(I took some Motrin this morning which really helped, but I certainly don't want to start doing that on a regular basiis...)

Thank you, thank you , thank you.

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Yes, I think it's definitely a fairly common complaint with us POTsies. In some older posts I remember some members discussing how motrin helped with not only the coat hanger pain but also a lot of their other POTs symptoms as well.

Ah, the joys of POTS...every day is a new day- filled with new experiences- getting to learn and experience new things...none of which I EVER wanted to experience. :rolleyes:

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So sorry you are having this pain - all types of dysautonomia have the neck and back pain as a common characteristic. There is a certain spot in my neck that I know when it begins to flare, it is the dysautonomia causing the pain. One physician explained it to me like this: the pain in the neck, back, and even chest is caused from lack of proper blood flow to the muscles - without the proper blood flow, the muscles begin to cramp and hurt. He suggested compression garments to help alleviate the symptoms - especially abdominal binder-type. This forces the floppy blood vessels in the abdomen to tighten up and push blood flow back upwards towards the chest, neck, and head. Another way to help thwart the onset of the pain is to sleep with the head and shoulders up on a wedge-pillow - also place pillows at both left and right side to rest arms on at night - this is a more natural position for the body and promotes healthy circulation.....works pretty well for me.

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