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seat cane

Guest tearose

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Guest tearose

Do you know about seat canes?

It is the quick fix for someone who can walk a bit, but not stand. For someone who can manage in between the stage of regular walking and needing a wheelchair or seatcart.

I think my little seat cane has been a big reason why I have been confident in going out again! When I really feel okay to do an errand and my only concern is what to do if I need to sit if I get weak...I can sit at any time!

Although there are many kinds available, mine looks like this:


I got mine at a surgical pharmacy for $29 and it is very light weight. I had a friend cut off a little of each leg so it fits my arm length. In times of weakness, it serves as a cane, but mostly I carry it for the seat it offers me!

There are many types available so you can do a web search to find something that best suits your needs and order it from your pharmacy or directly yourself!

regards, tearose

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Guest tearose

Ernie, I didn't know about one you can carry on your shoulder! That is a good feature. I was thinking of making a carrier for mine cause if I don't need to use it as a cane, I'd like to just swing it over my shoulder so it is out of the way until needed. I'll have to seek one out.

Karyn, yes, as you can see, they are very helpful for those white spot moments when you really don't want to sit on the floor in the market or while on line somewhere!

Geneva, good for you three! Probably in a variety of colors or styles?

Yes emily, get one or two...now I may want to get another and paint flowers on it!

and yes, I'm busy visiting with peeps here to help distract me from my appointment tomorrow!

take care all, tearose

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