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Funny Question: My Nose Gets Really Red In The Cold- Related To Pots?


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From when I was young, my nose was always the "reddest" when we were outside in the cold. Yesterday, I was out for over 4 hours in the freezing cold. (off topic, but the good news is that I am doing well enough to have a day like that, unfortunately, I have been exhausted since ....)

When I came home, my nose was still red 3 hours later!! It is still a bit red this morning!

Could this have something to do with vasoconstriction or something?



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Hi Abby,

It may have to do with vasoconstriction, but I'm not sure. Do your fingertips and toes also get really cold and red, too? It could possibly be Reynaud's Syndrome. I have the same problems with my nose, ears, fingertips and toes. And I'm about to leave sunny Tucson for icy cold Iowa for the holidays! Sometimes I have to take a warm bath to get the chill out.

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i couldnt even go out during the winter in wisconsin. I still have issues with my hands, feet nose and ears out here in kingman but I do have raynauds and the docs said that it can be aggervated by my blood volume and pooling problems.....


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Oh yes, the red nose is one of my biggest annoyances. And it happens intermittently so I never really know when it will happen, it could be outside or inside in a warm room. Congrats on staying outside for four hours-that's a big deal. I would never last! I have Raynaud's too, but I don't know if that affects the nose. My skin is just so sensitive all over that I always just blamed it on that.

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