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Absolute Vo2Max


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Is this a good proxy for blood volume? Does anyone know? I've read in one of Levine's studies that it stayed closely proportional to blood volume for the patients in his study. I don't think it tracks blood volume as well for normal people, but it seemed to stay proportional in his studies. Does anyone know if this can sort of be used as a good indirect way of telling your reduction in blood volume?

Like the controls in Levine's study had 2.4 l/min Vo2max while the patients only had 1.9 l/min. This is a approximately a 20% vo2max reduction and closely tracks the blood volume reduction (-15%) and plasma reduction (-20%). Similarly when vo2max increased by 8%, blood volume increased by 7%.

Since blood volume testing seems to be virtually impossible to have done outside of certain places, does anyone think this sounds like a good way of ascertaining blood volume deficits?

I'm sort of thinking of using vo2max readings as a way of telling how volume deficient I am and measuring improvements over time in it. Anyone have any thoughts?

Also does anyone know what the relationship between fat mass and absolute vo2max is? A fatter person can have a higher vo2max (and blood volume) than even an athelete. I'm currently overweight and I'm trying to work out what my vo2max (and thus blood volume) would be if I were an average weight. Hope someone knows this. Thanks.

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