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Exercise Causing Symptoms


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I'd like to see if anyone else experiences this...

Last Saturday I went shopping at the mall for Christmas gifts and walked around for a good 5 hours. I was walking most of the time (not just standing looking at things). I noticed my heart racing a bit but it didn't bother me to the point I needed to stop.

After getting home, my heart rate remained the same (like 120bpm). Then bed time, heart rate still the same (around 100 - 120bpm).

It was like my body still thought I was walking around really fast. I stood up from laying down and it felt more normal than it should have, like my body was already exerting itself for walking around.

Anyways, fast forward to today and same thing. Walked around for about 5 hours again. Get home, take a shower, 135bpm just standing. Propped up in bed, 90 - 100bpm. Now lying down with a pillow and my knees up - 88bpm. This is unusual for me, since my resting heart rate is normally around 60.

I can "exercise" just fine, going up to 160 on a bike for 30 minutes and not have this happen - but standing up/walking around for 5 hours really seems to mess me up.

I have to wait until mid January to get my TTT - I wish I could just get a really solid diagnosis and rule out everything else that could be causing my symptoms. I hate feeling like something was overlooked and I could just die at any moment.

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Good questions, Issie. I made sure before going out that I drank a bunch of water - so I know for at least the first couple hours I was hydrated. Past that, I made it a point to refill at the water fountains at the mall but not sure if it was enough (it should have been).

I did wear my compression stockings although after the first week they've felt less tight (maybe losing elasticity, but I'm also losing a bit of weight) and can't notice them helping as much. I've been slacking to get an abdominal binder - I should get one soon... I'm not sure if it's blood pooling - it'd be nice to know.

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Exercise does this to me a lot. When I go to the mall within maybe 15 minutes I have to sit down because I feel lightheaded and I start shaking. I go to physical therapy and I go on the bike for 10 minutes tops and I was doing really well with that but when I went on the beta blocker I couldn't even to 5 minutes. I have come off of that and it seemed to help. My heart rate gets very high when I go up stairs, about 150.

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