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Hey I was wondering if people have had their vo2max done before and what it was. Anyone care to share? Just wondering how mine compares.

By the way does anyone know if absolute vo2max stays the same when you lose weight? I know relative vo2max obviously increases the more fat you lose (if you don't lose muscle), but does absolute vo2max stay the same or decrease with fat loss. Just wondering. Trying to make sense of the results I've gotten.

I've made a poll and it's anonymous I think so I hope you won't mind sharing.


By the way for comparison, average Absolute Vo2max for untrained male is 3500 ml/min and untrained female is 2400 ml/min.

Relative Vo2max for untrained male is 43 L/kg/min and for an untrained female it's 36 L/kg/min.

The mean for Levines study seemed to be between 25-30 L/kg/min. Also wondering if the community here is similar.

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