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How To Explain Pots


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POTS is reduced vasoconstriction in some areas but increased sensitisation in other areas - the increased sympathetic drive is needed to operate the vasoconstrictive apparatus at the comprimised locations, but is felt fully at the non compromised locations.

Ha Ramakentesh! I'm sure that will get some weird looks from people when you say that! Love it...your explanation is like a medical/engineering explanation that will baffle alot of people.

To answer the question...I have heard, (and it does work sometimes) to tell people that it is as if your "autopilot" that controls almost all of your bodily functions doesn't work correctly.

I usually say regarding my daughters: "their autonomic nervous system is not working like it should, you know, the part of the nervous system that controls "flight or fight" responses?"

Lately I have been trying to explain, especially to school personnel, how my daughters find it very difficult to function before about 10 am. I know that this is very common with dysautonomia. We have found the GI doctor they see finds this is so true for most kids with dysautonomia and he wrote a letter to my younger daughters's principal explaining it. It helped, at least.

If all else fails, I start rattling off all of the symptoms they have, by the time I get to the 10th or 12th symptom, they at least "get it" that they really do have health issues!


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