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Revisiting Losartan - It's Role In Reducing Brain Inflammation


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There have been a variety of articles I've read on the brain's own internal RAAS, and it seems that angiotensin ii has many different effects within the brain, with emphasis on autonomic control and cerebrovascular and baroreflex activity.

I've since gone back on losartan at a higher dose (50mg/d) and combining this with florinef. I've been getting periods of near remission, and certainly I notice a decrease in symptom intensity.

It's looking like losartan might be an effective way to ameliorate brain inflammation, boost cerebral blood flow, and regulate autonomic activity.

It's been two weeks since I've been on both, but I'm likely going to try to titrate up my florinef dose from .1 to .2/d.

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These articles don't discuss losartan (or even Angiotensin II) but they do have some very interesting info on the current state of research on brain inflammation and the role it may play in a lot of diseases. Since fatigue is a serious issue for a lot of us on here with POTS, these were really interesting to me. Sounds like your article Jangle is a little more hopeful in that Losartan sounds like it might be more readily available and have less serious side effects than some of the anti-TNF drugs and others that are being proposed for use by these articles as possible treatments for ME/CFS etc. But, sounds like a lot of the science/research is moving in the same direction......

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Yes - my blood pressure was pretty much normal before I started taking Losartan - around 120 or so. After Losartan it'd gone into the 110s. I also take Florinef which boosts my blood pressure.

Other than the blood pressure drop (which was the original intent of losartan) I don't get any other side effects. As for the TNF blockers - I presume they're going to lead to more symptomatology

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