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Exercise Protocol?


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Hi all,

Im guessing some of you have heard of Dr. Levine's exercise protocol? I have been looking into it and there seem to be so many success stories from pots patients! I finally got a response from his office but they no longer give the information out to patients. Your doctor must request the information from Dr. Levine's office.

Today I called my neurologist's office and asked to have a message delivered to my doctor asking if he would be willing to request the information for me. His secretary had never heard of Dr. Levine or the workout protocol so im nervous that they will not being willing to request the information!

Dr. Levine is very credible and I would love to try this protocol rather than medication. I usually have bad reactions to medication so I have already put it off for a few months while i finish the semester at ASU. But i need something to help with my symptoms. Another part of the exercise protocol is that you can't be taking medication for bp or hr..so id rather not get on medication and then have to go back off to do this program.

Anyway, Im wondering if anyone has advice about taking to my doc about this? Or if they have done the exercise protocol? I see Dr. Goodman at Mayo. I'm hoping he will approve it and request the info. I go in for a Check-up/New game plan for treatment next week.

Thanks :)

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im pretty sure you can find it online somewhere. I remember seeing the protocol.

But as you know living in AZ theres the heat factor to be careful with. Hopefully you have a cool room with a treadmill and weights?

Im fighting with some overheating issues right now, so i miss my hour long (slow) walks to keep conditioned.

But theres always the pool, its just a pain having to drive over there and all that.

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