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Adrenal Support Supplements??


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My cousin has started taking an adrenal support supplement and swears by it-- she says her fatigue is about a million times better since she started taking it. However she does not have dysautonomia, so I wasn't sure if it would affect me the same way it did her.

I looked up the ingredients, and most say they combat stress, calm the nervous system, and stabilize blood pressure...so I thought maybe I would give them a try.

The ingredients are as follows-- any reason why I shouldn't take these w/ dysautonomia? Anyone know??

Siberian Rhodiola Root Extract

Holy Basil Leaf Supercritical Extract

Ashwagandha Root

Wild Oats Milky Seed Fresh

Schisandra Berry


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tha's a great complex. I take one too, but not regularly. I'm going to start being more regular about taking them. They are adaptogens, so they help the adrenals no matter what the problem (hyper or hypo). I'm also starting an L-theanine/GABA/5HTP complex as it helps calm the nervous system.

I'm also on Metopropol and starting Klonopin today. Acetylcholine is supposed to help with the parasympathetic nervous system (calming) too. I might try some of that, too.

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Hi GT grad24,

for me basil is a no no. I'm hypotensive and sometimes even the smell of basil makes my blood pressure go even lower than my normal. I am not familiar with the rest of the supplements, so maybe the combination is actually acting differently than each of them individually.


I've taken L-theanine and GABA for about a month as I was weaning off ativan and I felt no improvement in my condition. I was expecting a relaxing, calming effect, while I experienced quite the opposite. Even the naturopathic dr who prescribed them to me was surprised...I seem to have the strangest reactions to most meds, but she also said that it might have been the fact that I was weaning off ativan at that time...

Either way, good luck with the supplements. I hope they work well for you.



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