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Tingling Tongue


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I developed numbness of my tongue last night! It doesn't tingle but it is numb, as if I went to the dentist and they froze my mouth. I can barely taste or smell anything and, no, I don't have a cold that could explain this. I'm having a real flare-up since Saturday so I'm not sure if it's part of it... I've never had this happen before. In your case, did you eat something new? Could be a sign of an allergy. Do you have any other unusual symptoms?

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My tongue seems numbed also, but the tingling is more prominent, like touching live wires to the tip of my tongue. The only thing new is my doc increased my Midodrine dose from 2.5mg to 5mg, but I'm taking a pill and a half instead of 2 to ease into it. I've also noticed chest tightness and a few sharp chest pains that come out of nowhere. Also my heartrate is lower (low 60s), and I just feel like crap. I've had a lot of nerve related issues off and on since I've been sick (nerve pain, neurological itch, tonic pupil, etc.) so part of me wants to just ignore it and assume it's another one of those things. I just saw my doc on Wednesday and he barely knows what to do with me as it is.

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