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Going To Er For Fainting


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Hi all,

I was just wondering if you all go to the ER for fainting. I faint pretty regularly because I have NMS. When I faint when I am by myself, I never go to the ER because I know it's just my condition and it's not serious. But when I faint in a public place, particularly around people I don't know, people often call 911, especially since it can take me a while to wake up from it. So the ambulance takes me to the ER, they evaluate me, and of course find nothing because it is just the NMS.

So my question is, can you just refuse the ambulance? Whenever the ambulance is called, I feel like they don't ask me whether I want to go or anything, they just take me. I am usually too out of it to really protest, but maybe I should. Also, do any of you wear medical alert bracelets with your condition? I am thinking maybe if I put my diagnosis on it, they will realize it is not serious and not take me to the hospital.

Thoughts? I am really tired of the ER!

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Troy is right - as long as you are awake and competent, you have the right to refuse ambulance ride or assistance - if you are unconscious, it is considered "implied consent" for treatment and ambulance transport. I've worked most of my life in the emergency department and I can remember several times having to stand by and await a patient to pass out before we were able to treat them -

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