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Pain,fatigue,hot,cold....falling Apart


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My pain not only in my stomach but it is getting worse all over. back,shoulders,neck. My sking even hurts to touch it, rub a wash cloth across it, shave my legs.

Today the fatigue was so bad. I had to take my daughter to the eye dr. cause she coudln't drive after they dilated her eyes. While waiting on her I went to the bathroom and almost had to lay on the floor cause i could barely keep my eyes open. Afterward I went and got some sweet tea to drink for the caffine. Not suppose to have caffine and tea make me sick to my stomach but I need to wake up.

Pain in my hands is much worse.

What do others do for their pain.

My pain dr. just increased my BuTran pain patch. She gave me that for my gastropareis pain. It has not help at all.

Thanks for the help.

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I wish I understood this pain deal more. All I know is that is worse on cold days and gets worse after exercise. I was given a cd on progressive muscle relaxation to use with my son. A physical therpist suggested that we try it since a pain doctor will not seem to deal with this issue. These rough days with pain are bad on anyone. Hope you find some relief soon.

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Here is a video I think you may all find interesting: (long but worth the time)


I was diagnosed with EDS Hypermobile Type 2 weeks ago and the geneticist wants me to have PT that only promotes muscle relaxation. The video helps explain why and also the value of myofascial trigger point therapy. I have had it before when I injured my back. I had completed months of traditional PT and would feel a little better in the office but would be in complete(and sometimes more) pain by the time I finished the car ride home. The only thing that finally relieved the pain on a permanent basis was the myofascial trigger point release. The therapist I saw used the "dry needling" method which is similar to acupuncture, but, there is also a manual method much like a type of massage therapy for those who can't handle the needles. I have pain from head to toe, literally. Even points in my scalp hurt and all my joints are always on fire. My skin hurts from moderate touch such as an ultrasound being run over it. I have my first PT appt tomorrow with someone who is supposed to be familiar with this (my prior therapist has passed away) so I'll let you know how it goes. I hope it is as effective for this chronic pain as it was for an acute injury.

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