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Medical Alert Jewelry/tags


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Hi all,

Out of all my docs only my cardiologist has recommended getting a medical alert tag/jewelry. I dont faint but i get lightheaded and have to sit back down often. On days like this i generally stay home. I dont usually go out alone except to campus for classes, otherwise im with my boyfriend, family or friends that know my condition. Im wondering if I should get a tag/jewelry just as a safety measure.

How many of you wear them?

Advice about the topic?


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Hi Jk,

I was advised by my doctor to wear one,I do syncope and near syncope frequently and work alone alot, but to be honest even if I didnt Id want one because it makes me feel better that the emts would have a clue what could be wrong and how to treat me....whatever makes you feel better and retain peace of mind. My spouse can never remember what "I have" or meds Im on so i feel better having mine. They make some really cute ones now to=))

Take care {{hugs}}

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