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Do You Have A (Emotional Or Otherwise) Therapy Animal?

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I have a service dog flunkie.  He's a poodle.  He can pick things up off the floor for me and he used to retrieve medication and water bottle, open and close doors.  He was trained back when I was [mis]diagnosed with bipolar disorder, so he never was terribly helpful.  Now he's a huge PITA and can get into everything that doesn't have child safety latches. My previous dog was a lab.  He did deep pressure therapy, counter balance, retrieving dropped items.   He was incredibly helpful, I would have been housebound without him.

My dog is 5, but I'm dreaming of a future dog and what I would train it.  I would get a bigger dog.  Train it to respond to my heart rate like my lab did.   Train it to wiggle its body under my legs and stand up to hold my feet up?  Definitely counterbalance.  I really hope I can heal from these symptoms before my poodle passes and I'm looking for another dog.

We have a super-friendly barn cat who comes inside the house in the mornings. She's very comforting. <3 Hubby has an old golden retriever who has had a grudge against me since I took his spot on the couch 8 years ago.  I bribe him with treats. LOL

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Just caught this chat. I have a german pinscher and he is everything to me right now. He has Cushing's Disease which will shorten his life, and being a rescue I only have a guess as to his real age. He crawls into my lap several times a day to nap 

I also appreciate my sisters cat and the attention he asks of me-a good snuggle every morning. Unfortunately he is 16 and has kidney failure-but early/mid stage as yet. He gets subQ fluids every other day along with some pills

It is amazing how much comfort an animal can give. I had a Quacker who was a love and a character with an amazing vocabulary. Unfortunately, I became allergic to his dander and had to re-home him. They love him just as much and he has other feather friends as well. At one point I had 4 dogs, 2 cats and my Quacker but time took all but my one now. I have not been without an animal since I was 22 (40 years now) so I will get another love in time.

For right now Simon (my dog) and Snicker (sister's cat) will do just fine


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