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A boost for Earthmother


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Earthmother, you dear, warm, loving, supportive, surprising, generous, compassionate, and talented person ... I have noticed in your posts of the last couple days that you too are not feeling your best, and that this has, in fact, been a tough period for you. You are so fantastic at lifting us when we feel down ... providing counsel and advice and information ... and you need and deserve the same! But what to say? I know it's hard some days to hear our own words of wisdom and comfort --to feel that they apply also to ourselves. Some things need to come from outside and not only from within.

So let me take this opportunity to say "same back at ya" ... I hope whatever stressors are affecting you from the inside out--whatever is going on to make your heart go flippity flop and wear you down and out--can just fade away this weekend. See if you can get some extra rest and think about what has helped you out of similar times in your past. What was magic for you? A long nap? Extra B vitamins? More gatorade? Chocolate? Sex? :P Something's just gotta work!

Remember too that we're here with you and for you. Vent away! It feels good sometimes.

All the best,


PS May I just say how impressed I am with your technological savvy in figuring out how to put images in your posts? I loved the palpitations article, by the way, and have been meaning to tell you so!

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I'm not as good at this as Merrill is (can't use so many words these days), but my wish for you is a lot of sunshine. I don't know where you live but I notice that the sun shining and the temperature raising helps me a lot. (Merill thank you for spending so much time on all the people who don't feel to well, your GREAT yourself did someone tell you that???)


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Guest tearose

...all is quiet from the coolkarma zone...

sending you lots of positive thoughts and bouquets of spring flowers...

Where are you in the cul-de sac now? Are you stuck? Keep putting one foot in front of the other. We are by your side!

warmest regards, tearose

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I agree with the above posts! I am new here and you have all been so welcoming and comforting. I am truly humbled.

Earth Mother, you brightened my spirit last night more than you know by one of your posts to 'future outlook' and same with you Merrill. Gosh I could thank so many of you guys.

It's so very hard to stay positive most days, but I know helping others takes the focus off of ourselves and our own dire situations. I'd rather worry about others than myself. But as Merrill says, take the time for yourself and vent away.

You all are such special, special people. We are closer on this site than most people we have known our whole lives because we share this common bond.

You all are in my prayers and I'm praying for brighter days of sunshine for you...

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Dear friends,

I am so deeply moved beyond words.

Merrill~ I am simply amazed at how you looked right into me being and "knew" that I could use a hug. Indeed I think the energy from your post gave me the rebound I needed to finish up this week. Thank you.

I did fall apart this week, after telling myself "I can handle this. I can handle this." I ended up walking out of a meeting on wednesday because my heart started skipping and "I couldn't handle it." The hardest part of course is beating myself up afterwards -- "I should have done better. I know this won't kill me. I should have stayed and just sat it out. Why can't I get a grip on this?!!"

By week's end I decided to call my cardiologist just to make sure all this unusual stuff for me is still within the bounds of my POTS journey. I see him on Monday and I am sure it will all be fine.

The weather is getting warmer Corina, it does help. Ofcourse soon it will be too hot -- I think I only have a range of like 3 degrees in my "comfort zone"! :-)

I haven't tackled the cul d' sac again Tearose. I have tried a little pilates on the floor which has been a joy. I suspect we are all a bit off track on our physical fitness plan .... but fortunately we can dust it off and try try again!

I agree with tammyokc .. there is something very special about the tie that binds us here. My sense is most people see me as simply "chronically ill" they don't really notice the ebbs and flows. How Merrill was able to see through my soul and lift my spirit at the exact moment I needed uplifting speaks volumes about how special this place is and how very very fortunate we are to have crossed paths.

It is my privilege to share this healing journey with all of you.


p.s. I plan to take Merrill's advise and take a long chocolate-sex-nap this weekend ;-)

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EM, I think of you not only when you post but also when I make a recipe from your website. I am sorry you have found yourself with these crazy heart things lately but I completely agree that sometimes it just helps to go see the cardio so he/she can tell us everything is still OK. Good for you for going in tomorrow!

I hope you have a better week ahead.

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:P Hi Earth Mother - I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and will say a prayer for your health tonight before I go to sleep and that you get better and that all goes well at your cardiologist appt tomorrow. Your posts always inspire me and when I am having a bad day I usually read one of your posts on here and it lifts me up right away. Have a good night - It has been a cold,rainy weekend in NJ and even though I am in my PJS with my flannel robe and socks on my feet are freezing, I can't wait till spring really hits the Northeast :lol: -Have a good night!Beth
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beth...i'm in my flannels too! we had SNOW here today! what is up with that???



i am so glad that merrill had the intuition to post to you....

it is so wonderful to get the lift from everyone here isn't it???i know the posts that everyone gives me lift me up so much...

so, i hope this does the same for you.

maybe put on your chassidic reggae??? but, that might be a bit much when you are in a potshole...so....i recommend this new cd i got...shoot. what's it called. it is jewish cello masterpieces. very melancholy, but gorgeous.

anyway...i too love your beautiful posts and echo all that has been said here...

i just wanted to chip in before i hit the hay to say that i am sending you healing thoughts...

later alligator!


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:P Emily-snow????And I though NJ weather was stinky this weekend! See, we should always count our blessings because it could be worse somewhere else! I hope your flannel pj's are keeping you warm on this cold night! Sorry, EarthMother for talking about the weather on your posting site-I hope its warmer where you are! :lol: Beth
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Just thought I'd chirp in and say hi ... Can I brag about the weather we had here over the weekend? Perfectly clear and sunny both days, high in the 50s--my favorite. My purple and yellow crocuses, white snowdrops, and something I can't identify (purple ones and white ones) are in bloom and daffodils and tulips are on their way. Wasn't all fun and games; I spent all day Saturday in the ER w/my mom, who fell and broke a bone in her foot :lol: .

Anyway, I was pleased to know that I could post something for EM that meant something; that's very curative for me. I was just saying to my husband that in the last year, since I've joined the site, I've learned from all of you new ways of expressing compassion for others... and it's truly a wonderful thing.

At a family dinner party Sat night, my 75 year old cousin who hosted the dinner was fretting about various physical maladies--she had a stroke and brain surgery last year, suffers back problems, and severe carpal tunnel and arthritis in both hands, and was expressing fear that since she couldn't use her hands easily, that she couldn't take adequate care of her 5-year old granddaughter. I told her--in front of everyone--how silly that was and to look how much she had accomplished on this day with her hands. Single handedly cooking appetizers and dinner for 10 people, cleaning her house, setting a beautiful table--all by herself and with very capable hands. She was near tears when she thanked me for noticing all of that and for saying it out loud.

That really meant something to her, I think--the naming of abilities and capacities, not just the disabilities and limitations.

And I honestly think I learned how to do that here, since talking about the things we CAN accomplish (even as we vent about how hard it feels to do things differently or not at all) is so critical to our lives now.

The intuition I've always had (along with the pots...I'm a sensitive lass, I guess) .... but the capacity to talk about things in new ways is, well, new.

I hope EM--and all the rest of you--have had good and relaxing weekends.

Stay well, friends. (While some of you are going cold turkey on sugar, I'm going to try a week or so of cold turkey on the Forum. Maybe room temperature; I'm bound to take a peek at some point. But if I don't get some insurance paperwork done and planning for some work we need to do on the house, I'm going to be in deep doo doo. I already am! So wish me luck and productivity.)


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Merrill so sorry to hear about your Mom's injury. I hope she isn't in too much pain. Gentle hugs to you for being able to be there with her in the ER.

It's been sunny in southern california -- up to 80 on the weekend. So it was wonderful and relaxing. I saw my cardiologist today who did the routine, hook-em-up -- you look marvolous -- commentary. He offered to do a 24 hour holter but he said I really didn't need one. He said "You have POTS. These skipped beats are going to happen. You heart is structurally sound and you should not worry in the least." Then he got this serious look in eyes and said "The fact is you know more about POTS than most doctors do and you really need to go out and educate people about it." I said, sure thing doc. And he said "No really, I am serious. I have a few other POTS patients and they just don't seem to understand. It is terrifying for them and they want some drug to fix everything, then by the time they come to see me they are on so many medications it is making them worse instead of better." He reviewed my chart, told me I was doing the best things I could and I told him about the dinet web site. I think I'll send him a follow up letter with more information so he can help spread the word to his other patients.

Can't thank everyone enough ... for the information ... the insights ... and the opportunity to feel whole and hopeful.

Deep bow.


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i too have learned so much from people here...it is amazing, isn't it???

ha!!! i caught you peaking! :)

anyway, please take your 'holiday' from the site. i know how much you love paperwork. ha ha.

we will miss your wonderful words.....BUT...don't you dare feel guilty about taking care of the things you need to!

i should be doing some of that myself...but i just can't stay away!

i too am very intuitive and perceptive...for me, sometimes it is to a fault!

later alligator!

love, em

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