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Circulatory Shock, And Enlarged Organs?


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Is anyone concerned that some symptoms of POTS mimich Circulatory Shock/hypoperfusion?


also, has anyone had an abdominal scan? My abdomen gets distended where I look 6 months pregnant again. It's upper abdomen - like right under the rib cage. I got really skinny after I had my baby 3 years ago, and a year ago I had a sudden, unexplained 20 lb weight gain in my abdomen. I dunno if I've got blood pooling, enlarged liver and/or kidneys, or if I just haven't done enough abdominal exercises since my huge baby. I do more now than I have in years. But it doesn't seem to help.

It gets way worse after I eat a full meal. Small meals aren't as bad, but still cause distension.

Not sure if I should ask for an abdominal scan. Are enlarged organs common for POTS?

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Hi Joy,

I had several abdominal scans recently due to my gi issues and an issue with my liver, and to my knowledge everything was normal as far as organ enlargement.

In reference to the circulatory shock, in my very undereducated opinion I thought that referred to an acute shock syndrome in result of end stage illness or trauma. I would imagine initial clinical work ups with that kind of shock would be significant in its findings. I am not in the medical field (obviously lol) but I think most Pots findings upon an initial basic workup would be fairly "normal" with its exceptions. I would be interested in hearing what somebody else has to say about this with more knowledge so I could understand it better. for me anyways its a little unnerving to read without a proper understanding. Thx for the post!! :D

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My abdominal scan came back normal. You could be experiencing bloating and/or inflammation.

Interesting article. I've seen a lot of similar symptoms to POTS and always wonder if it's been overlooked or I could have something else. My doctors always seem to point out something that would have been blatantly obvious if I had another problem...

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