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Endocrinologist Question


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I saw one and it turned out not very helpful for me. He did cortisol testing and that was about it. Nothing became of it and he said he couldn't help me any further. I hope you have good luck with yours! I know they look for many things such as the cortisol, adrenal function, thyroid, etc.

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I saw an endocrinologist while awaiting for the confirmation of my POTS diagnosis.

He tested my thyroid hormones - blood work, my adrenal glands - blood and urine analysis and an abdo/pelvic CT scan, my cortisol levels - blood work and a cortrosyn stimulation test (blood test as well), renin, aldosterone blood work, plasma free metanephrines (again blood work) but it all checked out fine.

My specialist explained the reasoning behind that: he wanted to rule out a pheochromocytoma, thyroid disfunction, adrenal insufficiency, hormonal problems - in general disorders that might present with symptoms similar to POTS.

Are you possibly on any meds that might contribute to the lightheadedness?

Good luck with your appointment.


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I have my first appointment with one in two weeks. I'm hoping it will help me to find out the cause of my POTS, and hopefully then they will know how to treat me more efficiently. Good luck- I hope your appointment goes well!

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