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On Average, How Many Grams Of Salt Do You Consumer Per Day?


On average, how many grams of salt do you consumer per day?  

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My doc told me to get in 10g a day but on average Im only getting 5g and on good days 7g. I still havent reached 10. Im going back in dec and he said if my salt level isnt where he wants it to be I need to take salt pills. Im worried about salt pills because I have really bad GI symptoms and my doc said it might make them much worse. Has anyone experienced this?

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I try to get 5 or more, I try to take my sodium chloride tabs and sometimes they dont bother me but I have horrible gi issues so somedays I skip it and just grab some chick buollion and add some extra sea salt to that and its a bit easier on me. I snack on olives and saltines and pickles on bad days too on to help. Also those little packages of instant flavored mashed potatoes ya get at the store are loaded with salt , pottassium and they are gluten free, I cant remember the brand but there easy on my stomach when I cant eat anything else. Not exactly fine dining though lol

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I eat about 6g of salt per day (just kosher salt washed down with water), plus get another 1g or so from my diet. I find the kosher salt is easier on the stomach (and far cheaper) than the tablets, though you have to be more careful measuring it. I originally was doing 10g per day, but my 24h urine sodium came out too high (too high for POTS, my dysautonomia neuro said it was high otherwise but not problematically so and in a good range for POTS), so I cut down to 6g of salt plus dietary salt.

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