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Sitting For Extended Periods


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I think my worst symptoms happen when I am sitting upright for a long time. Approximately an hour and a half to two hours whether in a class, at the movies or at work. I try moving around or going to the bathroom but sometimes it's not enough to assuage my symptoms.

I feel extreme nausea and pre-syncope as well as very light headed around the hour mark. This makes it really difficult to concentrate it is extremely frustrating and as most of you know pre syncope is not pleasant.

I am on nadalol (beta blocker) and doing exercise as my treatments. Any advice?

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Happens to me all the time - except symptoms come on a bit fast for me.

I try to pump my ankles to get the blood flow moving. That can help, but more often than not I'll pump my foot up and down to move my entire leg (a lot of people do it - like when they're nervous or something - hope you know what I mean) and I think that can help get the blood flowing back up a little.

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