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Documentary: Food Matters


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Another fascinating and informational documentary on the power of real food.

Has anyone gone raw in treating their dysautonomia/EDS/mast cell disorder/histamine intolerance? Or at least upped their content of raw food? How about trying these superfoods?

I have already given up the vast majority of the processed, boxed, dead foods I used to eat, greatly eliminating my exposures due to the chemicals, additives, colors, preservatives that make me anaphylax. I'm looking to take my nutrition to the next level and appreciate hearing how nutrition and supplements have helped you manage your dysautonomia/mast cell symptoms.

Thanks, Lyn


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Hi Doozly,

I've tried a lot of dietary interventions in the last 7 years and found relief from most of my me/cfs

symptoms and some health issues I didn't know I had but only one thing helped my oi until I started the mc protocal. In Jan 2012, my oh went away either

from treating with strong antibiotic regime for h pylori and parasites OR eating more dark leafy greens daily. I'm betting

it was the antibiotics because when I caught h pylori, etc my oi was so bad I could barely stand up at all.

The anbiotics would've killed other pathogens too.

Fwiw tho ...

I've been Paleo for 4 years and switched to more of a Wahls type in Jan 2012. Before that I was gfcfsf

+ known intolerances free +

chemical free starting in 2005. Which means I've been

98 % (due to occassional cheating) grain, legume, starchy veggie and processed food free for 4 years.

I tried eating more raw veggies, Wahls diet, starting in Jan 2012, but after 9 months realized that it was too

much for me to try to keep up with. I gave up juicing after 3 months.

The energy involved meant all I did was track down fresh organic food,

clean it, eat, then track down more. I have chronic disabling oi and I was pushing myself to stay upright

for too long.

I also realized recently that my digestive tract just can't handle some of these either. I don't have the enzymes for

some of these foods. I love raw peppers, onions, garlic, etc but they don't love me back . ; )

I have a lot less gas if I don't eat these raw or cooked.

And for some reason certain raw foods like carrots, beets, garlic, etc are causing throat pain. I've seen

others on the web talk about this too. Mine started a couple of months AFTER I started juicing these.

Now I can eat them at all, even cooked, without getting this pain. I appear to have damaged my esophagus

by drinking the raw juice from these. I'm not sure if it matters, but I used an el cheapo juicer so I was getting some pulp. After the pain started, I tried draining the pulp and it didn't help.

I've been experimenting the last couple of months with eating less raw but can't say if it's helping anything

other than my digestion. It hasn't help my oi or energy. As far as raw foods go, so far I'm good with romain lettuce, parsley and cilantro. And some dehydrated foods that are considered raw.

Fwiw, from what I've experienced, we're all different in what our bodies need and this changes over time. I felt great when I first went on the gfcf, etc diet but that stopped. I also felt great for a little while when I went on the paleo then

the Wahls diet. I'm working on a digestive enzyme / probiotic regime now.

Sorry for the book. Tc .. D

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