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Thanksgiving Blessings, Potsy Style ;)


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Ive been really discouraged and feeling sorry for myself lately.I love the holidays and am super bummed that I havent even been able to decorate the house or take the kids trick or treating. And of course I am homebound right now so I missed Thanksgiving with friends but after enough moping around I decided to try on focusing on the lighter side of things so I can get into the holiday spirit and to be grateful for all I have and suck it up.lol Of course we are all grateful for our families and friends and other obvious blessings but what are the potsy things u are grateful for??

I am grateful for remote controls, other wise I would never be able to change the channel without a huge ordeal on my worst days and at 3 am when the insomnia and adrenal kicks in I would be stuck watching the exercise infommercials and that would be unbearable lol

My fiance said he is grateful we could recreate the Thanksgiving verison of the Christmas Storys holiday dinner, Thanks China King( haha)

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I'm grateful that POTS is not deadly. And I'm grateful for Smartwater. :) And for my dogs. And for recumbent bikes. And for doctors and nurses who really care.

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I am grateful for the most heavenly mattress ever created. For my gorgeous family. For the sweetness of a 'gentle cuddle' from my five year old boy when I am feeling terrible ...and the laughter we find as a family, in spite of all the challenges. For my lovely husband. So grateful for him.

I'm grateful for this forum and for my laptop.

Grateful too that I wasn't born in the middle ages, the middle east or middle earth.

Oh, scratch that. I was born in Middle Earth!

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