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Dysautonomia Worse During Menstruation?


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It's probably because our blood volume is even LOWER than our already low blood volume so it's important to stay extra hydrated during those days. I am usually extra fatigued and definitely have to work harder to keep my blood pressure up on those days, but I also feel somewhat better because that's my placebo week and I'm pretty sure my bc pill is making me sick and my tachy worse.

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just by chance I was listening to the radio this week (radio 4 either weds or thurs at 9pm for those of you with access to the i player) it was a programme on why women live longer than men. For those of you interested its 78 for men and 82 for women (average age spans).

They were talking about women and their hormones and I didnt know this but every womans heart rate increases by around 20% during menstruation. I nearly fell out of bed! I wonder if its a combination of hormones and the increased hr that makes us feel so ill during that time of the month?

Just thought it was interesting I dont menstruate thanks to cerazette contraceptive pill so I dont experience the awful pots symptoms during this time - they are just pretty awful all the time! lol. However when I wasn't on this pill I was having a lot of blackouts.


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