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Knitting Afghans for Good Cause

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I have this idea. Many of us here knit or crochet. Would there be interest in putting our talents to a good purpose? I had this in my mind that if we could knit up 12 inch squares using:

- any color of yarn except really dark colors such as black or brown,

- any type of yarn (but wool or wool blends), and

- any kind of stitch pattern that you choose.

If you knit, I know that you have stashes of yarn that you will probably never get to use.

Then you could send them to me (or someone else) to put them together to make a lap blanket.

We could then decide on places that could put these to good use...for example--perhaps the offices of Drs. Low, Grubb, Goldstein and other doctors actively involved in POTS evaluation and treatment--or perhaps Ronald McDonald House at NIH--and then send them out. I was thinking of POTS doctors primarily since I know many of you, including me, have our temperature systems out of whack and would welcome a blanket in doctor's offices. (My internist has shared with me where she keeps a blanket in her cabinets.)

We could include a note that would incorporate the language that was on the cards of the POTS bracelets.

Whoever puts the blanket together absorbs the mailing cost.

I don't crochet so I can't speak for crochet blankets.

I thought that this would not only make us feel productive but also put our energy and talents to a good purpose.

Another thought would be to knit or crochet caps for women undergoing chemotherapy.

Thoughts? Or "nixnay" to this idea.

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Hi all..just wanted to add some input. I also crochet and have thought of donating work. I use alot of Lion Brand Yarn and get a weekly newsletter from them. I think it was last Dec. they posted info. on several organizations that accept knitted/crocheted items for various purposes. One did blankets for children..another accepted scarves ect. for the homeless. You may want to check their website to see if the links are still there..it's www.lionbrand.com. I know that one did a simular thing to what you're suggesting..you could knit/crochet squares then send them in and someone would create a blanket and distribute it as needed. Anyway, thought you might want to check it out! :)

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I think it would be really cool if, over time, the knitters and crocheters out there in DINET land could make anough afghans/blankets to sell as a DINET fundraising project.

How neat would it be to buy one of these blankets for yourself knowing that several of your DINET buddies put their energy and loving hands to work making the blanket that was wrapped around you?

Goldicedance mentioned we could put them in docs offices, like POTS specialists, for the patients in the waiting room. It could have a little tag on the blanket that says who its made by, and list the DINET website and address to make a donation or to purchase a blanket.?? I'm just trying to expand on Goldicedance's idea here, because I think it has potential!

Of course I know it would take a lot of time to make enough blankets. But I would wait for mine, I'm very patient! :)

(I might even try to learn to knit if this project gets off the ground!)

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Guest Julia59

I just wanted to tell you what a great idea this is goldiecedance.

I would love to help with any fundraising activity---just let me know what I can do.

However, I can't even sew a button on straight, but I can do something else.

Julie :0)

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Guest tearose

goldie, wonderful idea

I am not able to crochet or knit but I can sew!

I could also be one of those who buys the product if I can't help make it.

thank you, tearose

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Guest Mary from OH


I think it's a great idea!!! We could end up putting up a post and asking for knitters or crocheters.

Also, I we could have labels made up that say DINET and our website info and maybe our bracelet info. Perhaps people who can't knit or crochet could "buy" the labels. Also, maybe a little "fund" for yarn if we end up having enough people to knit or crochet!!

Could we do a poll or something to see how many people would be willing to:



donate $ for labels

donate $ for yarn?

I think you're on to something here!!! And perhaps many people who are "stuck" at home could develop a new hobby. I have a friend who is trying to teach me how to knit. I think I am a "slow learner"!! LOL!!

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Hi...enjoying the first week of retirement. Just for clarification -- I was not suggesting doing this for a fund raiser. I was thinking that this would be a nice thing for us to do to put these afghans together and donate them to a worthy cause. It would help us to feel more productive and would be a nice gesture. Other thoughts include making hats and donating them to charities that distribute hats (knit/crochet) to women undergoing chemo.

I would be interested on being on the fund raising group.


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Guest Mary from OH


Congrats on your retirement!!

Even if we don't do it as a fundraiser, I think it would be great to put a label in so that people know where it came from.

When Marissa was a baby and in the hospital a lot, she was given a hand quilted quilt from a womans quilting organization. They pinned on a little poem and the name/website of their group. I have it saved in Marissa's scrapbook. It meant so much to me!! I also was able to write and thank some one to let them know what a thoughtful gift meant to me when I was feeling so down and a little about Marissa.

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