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What Med Works Best For Chronic Pain Herniated Disc


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i have a herniated disc, L5S1. i have tried motrin 800, percocet 5/325, flexeril, mobic, naproxen, and tylenol. in the ER they gave me an injection of toradol, a percocet, flexeril and that didnt work either. i ve tried pt and chiropractors too. don't want to do surgery because i know a few people who had surgery and it didnt work, and dont want to do steroid injections because of that outbreak that killed several people. is there a med that can help me deal with daily pain?

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I don't live in the States, but my mother just did her first steroid injection. She said that it did not solve it, but she has been able to sleep for the first time in months. and without meds. She was living on Advil, Motrin and more. If there is a way to check where the meds come from, I would consider it.

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