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It seems that things are just getting so much worse. Not only is the gastroparesis getting worse but so is the dysauotnomia. I keep getting this feeling of like pressure in my head, makes me feel like I am gonna faint all the time. Last night I battled with being hot one second to being cold the next. Woke up and the right side of my right hand was numb and I was sleeping on my back. Having trouble breathing. Vision is getting worse both upclose and at a distance. Just had my eyes checked and I do have chronic dry eyes but just need reading glasses. Feel pressure in my ears. Glands in my neck swell up for no reason.This fatigue is unlike any I have had. I am so tired but can't sleep. But when I eat sometimes I will get so tired I have to sleep for a little bit. But the biggest thing is this pressure in my head and feeling on the verge of fainting all the time. I am so glad I am going to Vandy In Jan. SO hope that Dr. Raj can figure me out and help me.

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I'm so sorry for what you're going through. I hope things aren't truly getting worse and that it's just a rough time for you. October was horrific for me. Not to say the past few weeks have been much better but any small improvement is welcome. I also get the head pressure that you are described and the constant feeling as though i'm going to pass out. None of my doctors have any suggestion or reasoning for me. I know that when you go to Vanderbilt they will have something to offer you!! That is the main, big deal place. I can't wait to hear how it goes, make sure you let us know.

And like SeattleRain says, easier said than done, but try imagery, imagine you are well and imagine the symptoms dissipating. Try meditation and breathing. In the book I'm reading by (Dr. Bernie Siegel, you should look him up) he offers such great healing advice. Our minds are so powerful, more than you think. Listen to music because it greatly affects our bodies. Smile and laugh, a lot. Sick (cancer patients) who didn't do those things were more likely to live not as long.

Hope you see some improvements soon!

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