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Racing Heart And Just Falling Apart


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Was up most of the night thanks to a heartrate that would speed up for no reason. And a good dose of nausea thanks to gastroparesis. Heart still beating funny. And then the awful pain that comes with a stomach and colon that longer works. Bloos pressure drops of course. Had to call husband to come home from the fire station long enough for things to settle down. My biggest fear is I pass out here with my girls. My oldest is well enough to call 911 to get help but just the trama of them seeing me faint really worries me. I fight so hard to hide the pain and nausea but it is getting harder each and every day.Now the heart racing for no reason, beating even in stomach. So wish I could lay in bed all day and just sleep, watch senseless tv and be on my computer. But my youngest is still very sick, going on 2 months now. She needs supervision 24/7. Would love a break.

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thanks for the help. I haven't had the dr. recommend it, yet. My gastroparesis is getting much worse and that may be the topic of my next appt. I did get a new pain med. , BuTran patch. I hope it helps. The pain is so bad.

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