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New Here - Orthostatic Hypotension, Possible Pots?


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Hi Leigh, welcome to the forum! I'm not a doctor so I can't say you have POTS or not, but at my first TTT I was borderline POTS while at my second (a few years later) I was full blown. Which made my doc say that it showed it was possible that one could have POTS while figures weren't always what they "should" be (according to their consensus).

I do have some stomach/GI issues but by far not as bad as others here have.

Hope this helps!


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Sounds a lot like me. Is being lightheaded the only symptom you have? All of my symptoms came after losing a lot of weight, too. I dropped from 190 down to 160 in one month, then down to 145 within 2 months after that. I mentioned that to my GP and he said it shouldn't be causing my problems, but that it can take over a year for your body to adjust to your new weight. How weight loss may play a role in these symptoms - I really don't know.

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There is a journal article somewhere, that says people who have had gastric bypass can become afflicted with Dysautonomia, might take some searching around to find it. But I vaguely remember it saying something about the change in fluid volume and weightloss.

I became ill with pots/ OH after two large pregnancies, I gained and lost hundreds of pounds in two years! I was first diagnosed POTS, but now Dr thinks its OH.

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