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New Diagnosis: Neurally Mediated Syncope Nms


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I was diagnosed today with NMS by my new Cardiologist following a tilt table test. I was a little thrown because my primary care physician was convinced I had POTS. I have been researching it and it seems to be very similar to POTS. Does anyone know of any good websites that explain NMS or the difference between NMS and POTS?

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Yes, it is one of the other forms of dysautonomia, this is not just a pots forum. Pots is only one form of dysautonomia that is supported here. On our dinet main page the different types of dysautonomia are discussed NCS/NMS is one of them. The definition of pots is only a rise in heart rate without any change in blood pressure.

Many of us here have a combination of several types of dysautonomia. I myself have pots with an excessive rise in blood pressure (hyper), which can lead to syncope. You may also have pots. Ask your doctor for a copy of all the data collected during your tilt test, these are considered lab results and you have every right to them. On those sheets you should see what happen both with your hr and bp, and what happened right as syncope is occuring.

NMS though is different then pots even if they are often found together. A drop in blood pressure causing a faint, can be dangerous due to injury when falling. So, please be careful with yourself. There are other members here on the forum that are like you.

Did your doctor change your treatment plan? Did he say anything about your atenonol? I was on it and it stayed to long in my body and caused me to wake with low blood pressure/hypotension. I'd think if you don't have pots or a high heart rate and you have low blood pressure that leads to syncope, that a bp medicine might not be the right choice and is something that I'd be discussing with my doctor.

Well I'm glad your getting some answers, so you are heading in the right direction. As awful as the ttt is the great thing about it or silver lining, is it is proof that something really is wrong, and your not crazy or faking it, which always seems to be something most of us here have had to overcome to get treated. My test opened doors that eventually lead to the cause of my dysautonomia.

So hang in there, you are on your way!

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Hi Khaarina,

You might find some info on NMS and POTS on National Dysautonomia Research Foundation's website.


there is a link on their home page - autonomic disorders that will redirect you to a page where you have a link to POTS and another to neurocardiogenic syncope or NMS.

Also, under reference (again on their home page) there is a very comprehensive patient handbook with a section on POTS and one on NMS.

I'm sure I have an article on NMS somewhere, but I can't seem to find it right now. Will let you know if I find it.

Hope this helps.



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