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Dysautonomia And Anesthesia

E Soskis

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I know I have read about the administration of anesthesia to people with autonomic dysfunction - I can't seem to locate the references on the subject. Does anyone have a reference for an anesthesia journal or medical journal? - I have a friend who is a nurse anesthetist and is requesting information on the subject - he would like to present a talk to his anesthesia group on the subject since most anesthetists and anesthesiologists are not "up" on the topic....

Thanks so much!

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Chapter 140 in "Primer on the Autonomic Nervous System". 3rd Ed, Robertson, David et al; Nov, 2011 is entitled, "Anesthetic Management in Autonomic Disorders". This is probably one of the most up to date medical texts on the subject. Couple of key points:

Anesthesiologists need to understand the ANS before treating pts w ANS disorders

Major goal- maintaining cardiac homeostasis

3 major risk factors for pts w autonomic disorder:

- vasovagal reflex

- unexplained intraoperative hypotension

- unexpected cardiac collapse

Postoperative hypotension is a concern

I bought the kindle version of this book and it has been incredibly helpful as a reference.

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Thank you all so much - I appreciate the resources

I'll pass them along......

After having 5 surgeries last year, I can definitely say I'd rather not undergo anesthesia again.....but, at least the anesthesia group here in town is interested in learning more about autonomic dysfunction........

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