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Vent . . . And Where Did All This Saliva Come From?


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Blergh, am lying here coming down from an adrenal surge. I've never noticed the horrible excess of saliva before. Since I was also nauseated and experiencing pretty bad heartburn, the constant swallowing was not pleasant.

I don't feel anxious. I know it's not anxiety. But everything is so connected, you know? I've got a 3 year old and a baby, and my husband is out of town for business tonight, and I keep thinking, "Oh no! I don't feel well and I'm all alone and these babies need me!" But then if I don't think about it and play a game online or something, I don't feel anxious at all.

I took a zantac and a phenergan and chewed some tums, and I think I'll be OK. Glad my DH comes home tomorrow. I could call the neighbors (a minute away), our best friends (10 minutes away), or my MIL (30 minutes away) if things get really bad. I just hate not being able to get through a single night caring for the children on my own without worrying that I can't do it, that I need someone to take care of me.

BUT . . . I am feeling better now (or else I would still be playing Words with Friends and avoiding thinking these thoughts, hee hee). I can take a nap while my toddler is at preschool tomorrow (the baby naps then) and I should be fine until my husband gets home. I'm lucky to have so much help and support, I do know that. But it still stinks.

OK, vent over. Thanks for listening!

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