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Hi There Again!


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I came here many months ago and then could not sign on.No matter how much they tried. It was Explorer. grrrr.

So much to tell. So So Much but for now, I want this:

It basically a 4-6 wk electro pulse massage for the brain. NOT ECT. Where I am (not much longer thank the universe) only does it at VA hospitals.

But I need to lessen the PTSD and things that have happened consistantly for nearly 2 decades and caused my phys health to tank.


I posted about uninvited events on the "feel good one moment and horrible the next"

I need to finally stay around you all. My situations are very different in many ways BUT not the pots. I have had it all my life though. Or maybe the sleep disorders since BIRTH/ Chicken or egg?

We are all amazing. I know that. How to get that in gear and be as amazing with this nasty malady so misunderstood?

I also know it is only yucky people I make uncomfortable. Authenic folk who look in my eyes, connections made. From all walks of life.

Love you all. Love you all. Love you all.

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