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Inspiring Books I've Read Recently


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I often post regarding illness itself and asking questions of others but I've recently been inspired by some books I've read and wanted to share. I also want to say that I don't normally enjoy reading unless it pertains to something I'm interested in such as medicine. These were hard for me to put down and I cried a lot.

I read a book on hormones in one sitting, I couldn't put it down, however I don't know the name off hand but it was very informative and suggests most of us are in estrogen excess. The signs/symptoms/explanations made a lot of sense.

Someone here on the forum suggested a book by Randy Smith called 'Diagnosis Unknown'. I enjoyed reading that and relating to the woman in the story and all the tests and such that she endured.

I think the most inspiring and favorite so far are the books by Dr. Bernie Siegel. 'Love, Medicine, and Miricales' (I think that's the name) was really good. I am now onto his book 'A Book of Miracles'. It gives inspiration to hear that people with such worse ailments were able to heal themselves. Through medicine, positive thinking, alternative therapies, etc.

I just thought I'd share because they have lifted my spirits a bit and if it can do it for even one more person, that would be great!!!!

PS. If you have read some and would like to share, please, I'd love to read more like this!!!

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Thanks for sharing those books, Traci. I'd like to check them out. Another Potsy (I forget if she was on here or elsewhere) suggested the book - How to Be Sick; A Buddhist Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers, by Toni Bernhard. It's written by a woman with CFS. I read it and really liked it, got a lot out of it.

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